Do's and Dont's of Self Tanning

Can’t wait for the golden brown skin only summer sun can give you? Try self tanning to achieve that look now! Before you start, there are some things you need to pay attention to. Check our list of dos and don’ts of self tanning for you to keep in mind and discover our new product!


1. Exfoliate

Using a non oil-based scrub is the best option if you want a smooth and silky application for an exceptionally golden and long-lasting result. Exfoliate your skin using a special mitt.

2. Shave or Wax
Getting done with any sort of hair removal at least a day before self tanning is necessary if you need patch-free, smooth application and a fully refined, neat look in the end. Do not do it right before applying self tan to avoid skin irritation.

3. Apply with care
You an apply self tan with your hands or using mitts. If you do it with your hands, remember to wash them after applying self-tanning cosmetics to avoid uneven staining of your hands and nails. 


1. Don’t layer It On:
A couple of layers of self-tan are usually enough and healthy for your skin. As your skin can only absorb so much, too many layers will make you look cakey and overdone.

2. Don’t use oil as a moisturizer after self-tan
Oil will surely rub off your tan pretty fast as it causes skin to plump naturally during the process of moisture aborption. It’s best to use a non oil-based moisturizer after self-tanning. 

Get the sun kissed skin
For easy self-tanning try recommendation Sun Zone Self Tanning Water suitable for body, face and hands, giving you a glowing, streak-free and natural tan. The quick-drying formula contains hyaluronic acid to moisturize skin and keep your sun-kissed look for longer. Applies easily with spray.

For body: Apply to palms or glove applicator and massage onto skin in gentle, circular motions to ensure an even tan.
For face: Apply to cotton pad and sweep over face. Massage onto skin in gentle, circular motions to ensure an even tan. Avoid direct contact with eyes. 
For hands: Lightly apply a small amount of product to the backs of your hands avoiding fingernails and palms. 

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame