Christmas gifts that even your Grinch friend will love

“It’s not my color”, “Oh, I got something like this for my birthday”, “Why even bother with this gift thing?”. We all have this friend or a family member who never accepts gift with joy, right? That’s when Oriflame comes to the rescue! Our Christmas limited editions will melt even the Grinch’s cold heart.

Unwrapping the presents usually is a magical moment, but somehow it brings you fear that this one friend will complain again. We’ve all been there, everyone knows at least one Grinch. But don’t panic, Oriflame comes to the rescue. We’ve put a lot of effort to make it easier for you this year. Catalogue 17 is the most Christmassy catalogue ever, with lots of pre-packed sets. So don’t give up, let’s cultivate the art of giving together and let’s make the Grinch smile! Here are our top choices.


How beautiful that box is! But wait a minute, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Let’s check what Grinch will find inside. At first glance it looks like a beautifully embossed bar of gold. But gold doesn’t smell this nice. Milk & Honey Gold Precious Collection Soap Bar not only looks pretty, but also leaves the skin soft and cleansed. Speaking of soft skin… Why don’t you moisturize it more? Milk & Honey Gold Precious Collection Hand & Body Cream helps skin maintain long-lasting hydration. Ok, now Grinch’s face has lighten up a bit, hasn’t it? And how to make a whole person glow? That’s super easy with Milk & Honey Gold Precious Collection Shimmering Body Oil. Its lightweight, nourishing formula will give the body a festive shimmer effect.

Hey Grinch, it’s time to Be Merry! A blend of warm spices with hints of jasmine and fruit, vanilla and musk will definitely bring the warm memories of white Christmas spent with the loved ones. Open a bottle of Be Merry Vanilla & Cinnamon Scented Bubble Bath and pour a little bit into your bath tube. Don’t forget to use Be Merry Vanilla & Cinnamon Scented Soap Bar. Close your eyes and soak up those sweet thoughts and images. If you want to feel this atmosphere anywhere, don’t forget to put Be Merry Vanilla & Cinnamon Scented Hand Cream in your bag and bring it with you wherever you go.

PS If your Grinch is not that into vanilla and cinnamon, try with Cranberry & Black Tea. It’s also a limited edition, don’t miss it!


What if your Grinch friend is grumpy during winter because of the cold weather? Have you ever tried to save the situation by handling him or her a pair of warm, comfy socks and a cup of tea? Well, here’s your chance. Moment Cosy Socks come in winter-white color, they’re made with faux Angora wool and they work perfectly for party night or cosy cabin stay. Fun, polar-bear packaging is hard to resist too. If it’s still not enough, try with knitted bootie slippers. They keep feet extremely warm. To make your friend feel comfortable from head to toe, put snowflake-patterned, pompom hat under the Christmas tree as well. It’s already gift-boxed, how cool is that?




Last but not least! It’s a perfect solution if you like giving cute gifts, but your friend hates everything which is not practical. How about small and super handy 3D festive, on-the-go nail files? A set of 4 separable nail files comes in a perfect size which fits any handbag.


Congratulations, you’ve just made Grinch enjoy Christmas season!


Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame