How To Master The French Allure

France is known as the land of love and beauty. It is the symbol of breathtakingly gorgeous appearance and fashion. Polished yet effortless look of the French is the source of major inspiration for various people around the world. If you want to know how to master the art of French beauty then you have come to the right place. Here are five ways through which you will look no less than a nonchalant French beauty.

Rock A Red Lip
Let’s just admit this fact, red lips never go out of style. This phenomenon has been well understood by the French ladies and we cannot help but fall for this never changing trend. It adds an instant glam to your appearance and makes you look more polished. So put on a bright red lipstick and steal the show.

Add A Scarf
French women always love to add a pop of color to their outfit and what could be a better option than a scarf for adding some color. This limited editioin Eclat exclusive scarf  made up of high-quality silk is the perfect option to go for when you want to add some color and a touch of exuberance to your overall appearance.

Never Forget Your Heels
We know, heels can be a bit painful sometimes but hey, no gain without pain. French women always keep their looks on point by opting for heels for daily wear. They have the art of looking effortless and nonchalant even after wearing high heels. Get your hands on minimalistic high heels to ace the ever so beautiful French girl look.

Get A Fresh Manicure
Imagine wearing a designer dress paired with luxurious accessories and high-end makeup but your nails are out of shape and chipped. Not so attractive, right? A manicured hand can add a finishing touch to your look altogether. You don’t have to go for bold and daring nail designs. Just make sure your nails are properly shaped paired with a neutral colored nail polish to complete the look.

Always Smell good
France is the land of fragrances. One thing that French women never forget to put on before leaving the house is applying a divine fragrance on the pulse points. Your scent defines a lot about your personality. Apply a floral green perfume like Eclat Mon Parfum  which has irresistible notes of Nashi pear, Almond, and exclusive Delaire Boudoir Accord with White Orris.

All these factors and tips contribute to an effortlessly chic French Style. Remember, French women, are quite serious about their skincare which gives them a naturally beautiful appeal. These easy to adopt tricks and high-quality products will make sure you look classy and polished at all times. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these products and master the French Allure without overdoing it. 

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame