3 Steps to Beachy Summer Waves

Nothing says relaxed summer-style, like a head of tousled beachy waves. If taking a dip in the ocean isn’t an option, try one of our 3-step guides to mermaid hair made easy.

You’ll need: Heat protection spray, curling wand or straighteners, finishing spray
1. Start by applying some heat protection spray to your hair.
2. Now, work your hair into four or five plaits from the midsections to the ends, leaving your roots natural. Using hair straighteners, clamp down the plaits, heating each section several times.
3. Release into curls finishing with holding spray. If you want, try backcombing the underside of your hair to add instant volume!

What you’ll need: Volumising Mousse, curling wand or straighteners, texturizing spray
1. Scrunch a volumising mousse through damp hair, working the product form the roots to the tips, and then blow-dry without smoothing over with a brush.
2. Take small sections of hair and tightly twist them. Then using a curl wand or hair straighteners, wrap the hair around the wand at angles.
3. Finish with a texturising spray, topping-up with a dry shampoo at the roots if you lose volume during the day.

You’ll need: Hair oil, hair band and grips, texturizing spray.
1. If you already have curly hair, you’ll want to relax your waves for a mermaid-texture. The night before your big event, towel dry washed hair and rake hair oil through it.
2. Part your hair and create two loose plaits, smoothing over your hair to avoid it curling. Pin them to your head and sleep with them like this.
3. When you wake up, release the curls and finish with a texturizing spray.

Got thick, normal or already wavy hair? View our step-by-step here!

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images