What is Your Fragrance Personality?

Do you ever go scent-shopping and reject a fragrance because it’s, well, just “not you”? Whenever your olfactory senses are stimulated, the brain perceives them and interprets their smell and associates them with a specific personality or image. Therefore, each type of scent ranging from woody to floral has its own matching personality. Keep reading to find out which is your fragrance personality!

With notes like rose, jasmine, lily, orange blossom, and lavender, this fragrance is ideal for all the romantic souls out there! It’s for those caring, innocent, sweet and cheery women that wear their heart on their sleeves. Floral fragrances are best worn during the summer or spring season. They can be worn on all types of occasions ranging from formal to casual, especially flowery weddings.

For floral notes pick: Giordani Gold Essenza, Elvie Firefly, Lovely Garden, Volare, Women’s Collection Sensual Jasmine

This category of fragrances includes notes like sandalwood, patchouli, and vetiver. 
These fragrances are ideal for those who feel a connection with nature as if they’re associated with it in some way. It’s for the wise and the spiritually free people that love the blessings of nature. It’s for the free-spirited who cannot be brought down to the ground by anything! Woody fragrances are great for events like beach parties and vacations where it’s just you and the nature around you.

For woody notes pick: Divine, Giordani Gold White Original, Eclat Femme Weekend, Sublime Nature Tuberose 

This fragrance includes cozy and stimulating notes like those of amber, cinnamon, vanilla, warm spices, ginger. Stimulating, bold and warm. This fragrance family is for bold, daring and powerful women who know how to stand up and make a statement, while smelling great, of course. It’s made for fearless and passionate women ready to face any challenge! Considering the message of boldness and warmth that this fragrance passes on, it’s best to wear it to professional meetings where you need to show your boldness and strength. 

For oriental notes pick: Love Potion, Amber Elixir, Amber Elixir Crystal, So Fever, Paradise, Love Potion Secrets 

These fragrances contain notes of citrus, peach, apples and berries. Basically, everything fruity.
They’re ideal for those energetic fresh people that are way younger than their natural age and have a youthful inner soul that’s full of positive vibes and never-ending enthusiasm. If you love having fun and doing adventurous things that are considered out of the ordinary, then this one’s for you! 
Fruity scents are perfect for cocktail parties and pool parties.

For fruity notes pick: Amazing Paradise, Incognito for Her, Lucia Bright Aura, Live in Colour

This is for all you dessert lovers out there! This fragrance family consists of vanilla, chocolate, caramel, and/or coffee notes. Basically, any food item that smells just delicious! The warm long-lasting trail makes gourmand scent family perfect for cooler seasons and all types of casual occasions.

For gourmand notes pick: Sublime Nature Tonka Bean, Possess, My Destiny, Enigma, Possess The Secret

So, what are you waiting for? Figure out which fragrance suits your personality the best and let that fragrance define you wherever you go!

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame