Wellness Success Formula - Part 2

Success doesn’t come without action.

Success doesn’t come without action. We need to engage our customers every day to gain results. As it was mentioned in the previous article, Wellness by Oriflame has prepared a special Success Formula that helps us to achieve goals and it is: Use – Share – Ask – Follow up. We’ve already touched upon the first 2 steps – now it’s the time for the next ones – Ask and Follow up.


Asking for order isn’t as complicated as it could seem. Learn about the customers’ habits and lifestyle, then it will be much easier for you to understand their needs.

Naturally, during the conversation, you may also meet some resistance, which can be tough to overcome – but it is not impossible! To handle these objections, you should learn and bring into effect these 5 steps:

  1. Acknowledge
    Acknowledge the customer’s view. Repeat their concern, which shows them that you are listening. Simply nod and say “I understand your concern, you feel that this is a substantial price. Mary said exactly the same thing…”
  2. Turn around
    “However, when we calculate the daily price, it’s less than 1 euro per day, and considering the quality of these products, that’s good health insurance, both short and long term.”  Compare to other things. “You may drink a daily coffee, or go to a juice bar etc. Oriflame offers a money back guarantee if you don’t like the product.”
  3. Impulse
    “So Mary signed up for a subscription to make it even cheaper (give example of new price)…”
  4. Soft close
    “Also, you can stop and start your subscription at any given time, just let me know, but most people keep their subscriptions because they feel better. You’ll understand in a month or two and you’ll be telling me all about it!”
  5. Close
    ”Were you thinking about something for yourself or for other family members too?”


As you are sharing the products, people may also say: “I already use Brand X. How is yours different?”. You may think that you need to know many other brands in the market.  When being asked about a competitive brand, it may make you feel that you have to say something negative about other brands, to elevate the Wellness products. This is not the case. The Wellness by Oriflame products stand on their own. We do not need to push other brands down to have Wellness rise. 


So, when asked about other brands, stay focused! Be positive, factual, highlight Wellness by Oriflame attributes and stay focused on our brand.

Even if you do know about other brands and other products, say:

“I don’t know about that so let me tell you about our products.” 

“I don’t know about that so let me tell you about our opportunity.”

“That may also a good product, let me tell you about what is special about Wellness by Oriflame”


This keeps the few seconds we have with people focused on Wellness by Oriflame and takes the focus off of other products.


Follow-up is vital in assisting people create new habits that become part of their daily routine. Once people buy the products, they most likely have the intention to consume them.

But they:

  • Get distracted or simply forget about the products.
  • Most people won’t call you if they have a questions or concerns.
  • People subconsciously avoid change.

It is up to us to follow up and help your customers with the products and how to get the most from them.

The first month is vital,  because then the established new habits become routine, that’s why we are using the proven method, with specific days of the first month identified to contact the new product users. 

Let’s help in creating a routine!

To assist your customers and new consultants in consuming and benefiting from Wellness products every day, there are key times within the first 21 days to reach out and connect with them: the 1st, 3rd, 10th and the 18th days of the routine.

1st day

As you have helped your customer or new consultant place an order for the product, it is important to reach out on the first day to help them understand how to consume it. Explain how and when to do it, ask whether they have consumed supplements before and if they have a sensitive stomach.

  • How and when

    Let them know that they should consume one portion of the Wellness Pack and NBS a day, and often it is easiest to remember to do this in the morning during breakfast.

    If the person says that they do not consume breakfast, suggest that the NBS and Wellness Pack are a good way to help their body get started for the day with valuable nutrition. 

    If they still are not interested in consuming anything at the start of the day, then don’t argue with them. The key is to get the products into their lives when it works for them. If we become too strict on the best time to consume the products and it is against their way of living, they often just won’t take them.

  • Ask them if they have used supplements before.

    If they have, and have no issues swallowing them, then great. 

    If they mention that they have used supplements, but they always struggle to swallow them, or if they say that they have never taken supplements, then we encourage you to make the following suggestions that will help the consumption of the supplements become a positive experience, not one that is a burden and may even be painful. 

    For some, swallowing tablets and capsules is a challenge. They get stuck in their throat and hurt or even worse, they feel like they are choking. 

    We recommend that they make sure their tongue is moist. A dry tongue can often cause the tablet to stick in their throat can then become a struggle to swallow. So simply encourage that they drink a beverage like water, juice, or anything that moistens the tongue and throat. Then tell them to immediately place the tablet in their mouth and to consume some more fluid. If this does not help the product slide down easier, then suggest that they break a tablet in half, or crush it up and mix with food or the Shake.

  • Ask if they have a sensitive stomach.

    It is always better to consume supplements with a meal. However, if someone knows they have a sensitive stomach, then it needs to be emphasized that they should take their products food. 

  • And finally, remind them that the products are to be consumed daily, to help your body obtain valuable nutrition each and every day, from head to toe.

Now, this first day of follow-up may seem like it’ll take a long time. It really won’t. You are just going to be having a conversation with your new product user to help them get the most from their Wellness products.

3rd day

On Day 3 we give our new product user a quick call, to make sure they are remembering to take their Wellness supplements. Have a friendly conversation, listen to their reactions, acknowledge their concerns, and encourage them to keep going.


“Hi, how is it going with the Wellness products?”

They may say, “Great, no problem.” Ask, “Are you taking them with a meal?” Interact back and forth depending upon how they are taking them.

They may say, “I keep forgetting to take them.”

So then say, “Where are you storing them?” Often people put them in a kitchen cupboard, meaning that they are out of sight. Encourage them to put the products on their kitchen counter, right in front of the coffee machine. This way they will see them every day and remember to take them. They could also put them on their bathroom counter next to their toothbrush or take them to work and place them on their desk – which has the added benefit of exposing Wellness products to others.

They may say that they are experiencing headaches, diarrhea, constipation, too much energy, sleepiness, spots, etc. Well, first off, there is nothing in the products that causes any of these issues. However, some people are sensitive to any changes in their food intake. So, they could be going through an adjustment phase. Recommend that they make sure to consume their products with a meal and to drink 2-4 liters of water a day. There are many benefits to drinking water, such as assisting with regularity, cellular hydration, and helping one to adjust to changes in their diet.

If they share any of these and are convinced that these issues are associated with the product consumption, if severe, suggest that they stop taking the products for 2 days and see if there are any differences. If not severe, then let them know you will call back in 2 days to check in. When you call back, if any of these are continuing, then have them consume the products every other day as tolerated for a week, to help their bodies adjust to good nutrition. Then increase to daily consumption as tolerated.

When you are calling on the 3rd day, most people won’t have any questions, but if they do, you are there to answer them. And mention again that the products are to be consumed daily, as they are designed to assist the body in obtaining valuable nutrition each and every day. 

Let customers know you will call them in a week to see how things are going, and always remind them that they are free to call you any time.


10th day

Connecting on day 10 is for a quick “Hello” to ask how things are going and listen to what they share. Ask if they have a spouse, children? Have they commented at any time that they are concerned with their hair or nails?

This is another opportunity to let them know you care about them and want to assist them in getting the most out of the Wellness products. It is also a time they may be noticing positive changes and offer to share them with you. Listen and comment. 

Depending upon what is being shared, you may feel it is time to ask if they know of others that can benefit from Wellness, too. 


18th day

It is important to always follow up prior to their products running out. They have been consuming the Wellness products for a few weeks, creating new habits and adding the supplements into their daily routine. We do not want this routine interrupted because they will be missing out on daily nutrition and breaking their newly established habits. So, make sure to contact your product users before they run out. 

If they are not already on it, get them set up on the subscription.

Remember to listen to what they say, as by now they may be eager to share how they are feeling, what changes they have noticed, and even perhaps what compliments they are receiving from others. 

As they mention their changes and compliments, this is the time to ask them to share names of others that they think may want to benefit from Wellness by Oriflame. If their friends haven’t already signed up, then mention the Oriflame opportunity.


With follow-ups during the first 3 weeks of product usage, you have assisted the new product user in establishing Wellness into their daily routine and you benefit by increasing:

  • Product usage, therefore repeat sales
  • Awareness and usage of other products
  • Retention of client and consultant

All of which can often lead to recommendations and business expansion.

Wellness can also be centered around community activities such as walking, running, get togethers, healthy cooking, healthy-recipe sharing, Yoga, Tai Chi, dancing or other fun activities. These are all great ways to get people together and slowly expose them to Wellness and introduce the products. Find an activity, interest, or passion that suits you and meet other like-minded people.

Community activities are a great way to get people involved in Wellness.


So, you now have the keys, tools, and know where to go to get support to build and grow your Wellness business. 

Use the Success Formula as your daily method of operation.

It’s as simple as:

  • Use the products.
    • Be an ambassador of the products.
  • Share the products and your experience.
    • Talk with at least 3 people a day about Wellness.
  • Ask your Customer for the order.
    • Use the Wellness Quiz
  • Follow Up with your customers and new consultants.
    • Create a Wellness a routine