Wellness Success Formula

Nutrition is a science, and it is often perceived to be complex and detailed. However, it really is all about the food we eat and how that food provides vital nutrients for the cells in our body.

Nutrition is a science, and it is often perceived to be complex and detailed. However, it really is all about the food we eat and how that food provides vital nutrients for the cells in our body.

We often think that we need to go into detail when it comes to science and complicated formulations to impress others, so that they buy the products.

However, that is not the case, as emphasizing the complexities of the products on introduction is more likely to be met with apprehension – others will think they are too complicated and, therefore, difficult to base their business on.

That is why we want to give you some tips on how to build a successful Wellness business.

Building a Wellness business is not complicated, it just requires adherence to the Success Formula’s 4 simple steps every day:

  1. Use the products and be an ambassador of the products. Your own experience will give you confidence to talk about them in a convincing manner.
  2. Share the products and your experience. Talk with at least 3 people a day about Wellness.
  3. Ask your customer for the order – give them the Wellness Quiz that will identify their areas of need. Remind them how easy it is to use the Wellness ABC. Guide them towards starting with the foundation of A&B: the Wellness Pack and the Natural Balance Shake.
  4. Follow up with your customer to see how much better they are feeling now that they have started using Wellness, and ask for referrals!

So, the Wellness by Oriflame Success Formula is: Use – Share – Ask – Follow up.



So, let’s go into a little more detail about using the products.

To get familiar with the products and become great at selling them, it’s important to actually use the products.

Find the time in the day that suits you, to consume your products.

  • Use them in the morning
  • Take them along to work
  • Add to food (Natural Balance Shake, Protein Blend)
  • Cook with them (Protein Blend)

By using the products, you will get to know all their aspects, which will make it easier to confidently share information about them.


The next step is to share the products – and your experience.

First of all, talk with at least 3 new people every day about Wellness.

You can do it many ways, for example:

  • Using product one-liners – short, easy to understand, remember and share descriptions of products, for instance: Natural Balance Shakes – Optimal nutrition beverages that control hunger between meals and boost energy, high in protein and fibre, in 3 delicious flavours: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla
  • Crafting your own personal Wellness experience
  • Customizing your approach to the customer’s personality type – to their lifestyle, habits, interests or experiences
  • Applying Wellness tools – like Wellness Product Guide, Wellness Quiz, Online References, Ongoing trainings and meetings, Personal Energy and Enthusiasm, as well as Wellness Catalogues, Wellness Website, Beauty Edits, Emails
  • Sharing Wellness in social media


The power of personal story

Personal experience of using the products is a very important part of our business and it should be always included in different meetings and events. Why?

When it comes to building sales relationships with new customers, storytelling is invaluable. It helps us:

  • Create initial awareness and interest
  • Create personal connection with other people
  • Build credibility

When the storytellers openly share their emotions, experiences, challenges and results, the audience responds with empathy because they can identify with these emotions or challenges.

This, now, leads us to crafting our own Wellness experience story.

First, let’s go over the basics about supplements:

  • Dietary supplements are foods that supplement our diet
  • They are not medicine and should not be recommended to treat, cure, or improve health or medical conditions
  • The products provide nutrients that benefit the body from head to toe
  • Never promise that people will feel a difference. Some people will and some people will not. Even so, the products assist in providing the body with good nutrition each and every day they are consumed. They do what we say they do.

Therefore, make sure to set realistic expectations:

  • The timing – everyone is different

    Let’s say you felt a difference in your body within 2 days after consuming the products and promised someone else that it will be the same for them. If they don’t feel it, they will think that the products are not working for them.

  • Products work – from head to toe

    We cannot tell direct them towards a specific part of the body.

  • Body determines where nutrients are needed

The body sets its own priorities as to where the nutrients go and are absorbed based on the needs of our cells. 

Each and every day we need to supply our bodies with good nutrition, so that the cells of our bodies receive what they need to function in a state of well-being.


The potential of Social Media

As a general rule, when sharing product-related content publicly, you should strive to capture the interest of potential customers by engaging them.

You should always follow up on all of your comments. Engage with people in your feed, but sales talk is more appropriate in private messages. People don’t want to shop with everyone watching.

  1. Post in social media
  2. Engage your followers
  3. React to comments and likes
  4. Communicate offer or invite

How to create effective content?

We all wonder how to create content that will interest and engage people. However, the variety of channels and possibilities to use them can be a little bit overwhelming, so let us make it easier for you! Read on to see tips & tricks that you may find helpful in satisfying even the most demanding customers:

  1. Think VISUALLY! – posts with PICTURES and VIDEOS reache more people!
  2. Post 2-3 times a day
  3. Re-post ONLY with your OWN comments
  5. LISTEN to your audience
  6. Take part in COMMUNITIES
  7. INITATE discussions and SHARE tips/advice that the audience will think is interesting, ASK questions & conduct surveys to engage more people.
  8. FINALLY, MEASURE results!