Untangling the Science – Behind the Scenes of Your Products

Over the years you’ve probably heard or read about the research and testing involved in the creation of your favourite beauty products. We use a combination of these methods to ensure that your products are safe, reliable and extremely effective. We don’t want you to be in the dark about what goes on behind the scenes, so we’ve broken down the science!

What is clinical testing?
Clinical testing is performed in a controlled environment under strict supervision by trained clinical experts. Using cutting edge instrumentation and expert analysis, we measure product benefits in order to see how they affect wrinkles, pores, skin brightness, pigmentation, lash length and lash volume, to name only a few.

Why is it important?
This kind of testing makes the results both reliable and objective, and provides objective proof of the performance of our products.

What is consumer testing?
Consumer testing is done with a panel of regular people who volunteer to try our products at home, over a set number of days or weeks in the same way that they would normally use them. The panellists answer questions at various points throughout the time period and provide their honest opinions and feedback on the performance of the products.

Why is it important?
Consumer testing, like clinical testing, gives proof of performance, but with a different value. Instead of an objective assessment, we get a subjective assessment – the honest opinion of people using our products at home.

We always conduct efficacy testing on our final formulations – our premium NovAge skin care routines in particular undergo a raft of stringent clinical tests to demonstrate their effectiveness and to guarantee results!

What is a research project?
Research projects are carried out to gain insight into skin characteristics, needs and the main factors impacting it, and also to investigate innovative new ingredients and actives. Since 2012 we have been conducting research into how age is perceived, and the impact of age and lifestyle on skin – our signature Age Reflect research project.

What is Age Reflect?
In our Age Reflect research project, we investigated the ageing footprint of our consumers. To date, we have studied the skin of around 900 women, spanning geographies, cultures, ethnicities and age groups. From crow’s feet wrinkles, to redness, we looked at 23 skin features to determine which of them really influenced the age we look.

Why is it important?
Four out of five women do not look their actual age. Age perception is a fascinating topic, but it’s also a relatively new science for the beauty industry. By understanding what drives age perception, and how lifestyle and ageing impacts our skin, we’ve been able to create anti-ageing skin care solutions that target the signs of ageing that really matter to you!

Now you should have a better idea about the work that goes into creating your favourite products. It’s important to know that your products are safe and reliable – this is our number one priority!