Take Your Skin Care to a new Level

Having optimally hydrated skin is key to maintain healthy, glowing skin. In addition to drinking enough water, using performing skin care and protecting it from sunlight, we have developed an innovative skin care solution – Aqua Glow Drink with Ceramosides™ and Lingonberry - that boosts hydration from within!

What is Aqua Glow Drink with Ceramosides™ and Lingonberry?
It’s a dietary supplement drink designed to complement the skin care routine and improve hydration from the inside out. It has a delicious berry flavour and is an easy addition to a morning glass of water. It contains Ceramosides™ Technology, which is proven in a clinical trial to improve full body skin hydration, elasticity and smoothness, and reduce in the appearance of wrinkles in just two weeks. Sounds pretty good right?

What is Ceramosides™ Technology?
Ceramosides™ is a technology powered by phytoceramides from wheat, which are skin-mimetic - they have a similar molecular structure to the ceramides in the skin barrier. Ceramides are lipids in the skin’s top layer that are essential to the normal functioning of the skin barrier. To maintain naturally smooth, healthy-looking skin with an optimal level of hydration we need to maintain the level of ceramides in the skin.

Why is it important to care for your skin barrier?
The skin barrier is your first line of defence – it helps lock in essential moisture and lock out harmful aggressors. Having a strong skin barrier is essential to keep your skin the way you want it – hydrated, smooth and glowing. Cold weather and low humidity can deplete the level of ceramides and weaken the skin barrier function, causing water loss for drier skin and can potentially lead to more visible wrinkles.

Who is it for?

•The skin care junkie
If you love skin care and always look for the best products that can take your skin to another, radiant level, Aqua Glow is for you. Aqua Glow does something your skin care routine can’t - it works from the inside out. It is therefore the perfect addition to the perfectionist’s regimen!

Prep your skin for a grand entrance that turns heads by using Aqua Glow, starting two weeks before a big event. Ceramosides™ in Aqua Glow has been shown to improve hydration, elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles in just 2 weeks!

•Dry skin sufferers
Is ageing, pollution or stress making your skin look a bit worse for wear? If tight, dry skin – and maybe wrinkles – seem to have appeared from nowhere, maybe it’s time to give your routine a hydrating boost!

•People with a holistic view of beauty
If you believe that beauty is not just what you put on your skin, but that it’s also what you put in your body, Aqua Glow is a great addition to a balanced lifestyle – it’s a way to take extra care of yourself and provide goodness from the inside out.

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