Stay hydrated to stay healthy

Have you ever wondered how your surroundings would look like without water?

Have you ever wondered how your surroundings would look like without water? Nearby parks, forests and green spaces would disappear. Without water the world would become a desert devoid of life, energy and vitality. Having this image in mind, now think about your own body. Isn’t it the same? Without proper hydration, your body will not function in the way it is meant to. Hydration is essential for a healthy body, mind and life. So how can you stay properly hydrated? If you want to know, just click and read more.

Fluid recommendation

As you surely know, fluids are vital for your body to function at its best. As a general guideline, adults should consume 1-1.5 litres of fluid a day, in addition to the water absorbed by the body from food. Food provides 20% of your daily fluid intake. Keep in mind that daily hydration needs vary depending on a person’s level of physical activity and the climate. Pregnant women are recommended to drink an additional 0.3 litres/day, and women who are breastfeeding are recommended to increase their fluid intake in relation to the volume of breast milk they are producing. For example, a woman who produces 750ml of breast milk per day should increase their daily fluid intake by 600-700ml1.

Importance of fluids

Water is the main component of the human body and is vital for:

  • organ function
  • transporting nutrients to muscles
  • thermoregulation
  • Body water percentage is usually lower in women than in men due to a higher fat mass in women. From infancy to old age, the body’s water content decreases from around 75% to about 50%.


    Fluid regulation

    The regulation of fluid balance is closely linked to the regulation of electrolyte balance. If the concentration of electrolytes in body fluids becomes too high, the thirst centre in the brain is stimulated and this leads to a feeling of thirst and reduced excretion of water by the kidneys

    When exercising or exposed to high temperatures, it’s crucial to get enough fluids. In these conditions, you’ll be sweating more, which can result in the loss of both electrolytes and several litres of fluid per hour.

    Performance Impact

    It’s important to maintain fluid balance in the body. Lack of fluids is the one thing that will negatively impact your performance the fastest. Mild dehydration, defined as a 1-2% loss of body weight due to fluid loss, can result in headaches, fatigue, loss of appetite and vertigo. A weight loss of 3%, which is about 2 litres for a woman weighing 65 kg, will significantly decrease your endurance, strength and performance.

    For every litre of water lost from sweating, our body temperature will increase by approx. 0.3° C. The blood volume that our heart pumps out every minute drops, which means that our heart rate increases on average by 8 beats/minute at a given effort3.

    Hydrate often

    It’s better to drink small amounts of fluid often than to drink large amounts at once.

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