Smart, easy habits for a healthier life

The pressure to lead a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle can often take its toll – both physically and mentally. A fear of failure is often on our minds from the outset. Our advice? Set realistic goals, make small changes and turn those small changes into effortless everyday habits. Find out how!

When we talk about habits the first thing we might think of is bad habits. But a habit is simply something we do without thinking — any task or activity we do routinely will eventually become a habit — like brushing our teeth! Routines and habits feel good – they give us structure and they don’t demand much of us mentally. There are lots of small lifestyle changes you can turn into habits by doing them regularly.

Eat smart!
Food is often the main focus when we want to make healthy changes. But with a conflicting stream of health information and poor temptations abound, it’s easy to make the wrong choice. Below are a few pro tips to help you successfully choose smart, healthy alternatives.
• Eat mindfully – bring the awareness back to your food. Think about what you’re eating and how, taking time to enjoy the aroma, taste and texture of your food. As well as being a good mental exercise, mindful eating has been shown to prevent overeating by helping you to be more conscious of your hunger cues and eating only until you’re full.
• Keep unhealthy options — high fat, high sugar, over-processed foods — out of the cupboards. Out of sight, out of mind, making it harder to reach for poor temptations the next time hunger strikes.
• Wellness Natural Balance Bar is a great way to snack more healthily! With its high quality protein and fibre content, it makes nutrition feel like a treat! Enjoy at home or on-the-go, and carry one with you everywhere as your smart choice if hunger pangs or you crave something sweet.

Get moving!
Don’t forget physical activity. Moving your body is important to improve your physical and mental health. Look for small opportunities in your normal day to increase your motion. As your condition improves, you’ll want to push yourself a little further! Doing more every day not only helps you burn more calories, but can boost your mood.

A few ideas:
• Get off the subway one station early and walk
• Do squats while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil or a pan to heat up
• Get out of bed 15 minutes early and do a few stretches – a great start to the day
• Take a brisk 30-minute walk after dinner before you relax for the evening
• Take a dance class with your partner
• Take the stairs at work

Be positive & share!
The happier and more positive you feel, the easier your journey will be, and the greater your chance of success!
• Why go it alone? Join forces with a friend or group of friends – you can inspire, motivate and support each other to make healthy choices
• Giving in to temptation now and then is OK, we all do it! If you ‘cheat’, don’t beat yourself up – tomorrow is another day and it’s the long term that counts
• Don’t forget to carry Natural Balance Bars with you everywhere – just knowing you have them in your bag in case you get hungry or crave something sweet is a huge reassurance!

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