What is the Scandinavian approach to beauty?

The Scandinavian approach to beauty is getting global attention right now. Nicknamed S-beauty, it’s predicted to overtake the likes of K-beauty and J-beauty as the next global beauty trend.


The term “Scandinavian beauty” may be unfamiliar to many, but for us, it’s nothing new. Our approach, Beauty by Sweden has always been rooted in Scandinavian beauty principles. We’re just glad that the world is finally catching up!


If you’re wondering what exactly is the Scandinavian approach to beauty, the following are some of the key aspects that define it.


High-quality products


Scandinavia is a region in the north of Europe, and it includes the countries Sweden, Norway and Denmark. These countries have some of the highest cosmetic safety regulations, and products undergo rigorous testing. That’s why Scandinavian beauty means products with uncompromised quality that are scientifically-proven to have beauty benefits.


For example, NovAge offers a series of skincare ranges powered by science. Each range uses plant stem cell extracts and innovative technologies to target the key signs of ageing. Clinically proven 4-step routines make maintaining a youthful appearance simple!



A balanced approach to beauty


For us, beauty means much more than flawless skin. It doesn’t require a 10-step skincare routine or mystifying regimes. It’s about finding what makes you feel beautiful and implementing small changes that help you to feel your best. These small changes could mean taking a walk in nature, eating more nutritious foods, or applying a new beauty product that uplifts your mood.


The Oriflame Wellness range is based on the healthy Scandinavian diet and is designed to help you feel your best. With high-protein shakes that you can drink on the go, and comforting soups full of nutrients, you’ll be giving your body all the nutrients it needs.



A respect for nature


Ingredients sourced directly from nature have the power to promote health. Using natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced can be better for your skin, and it’s kinder to the environment, too. A respect for nature is deeply ingrained in Scandinavian culture, as well as the belief that being at one with the environment is good for your health and wellbeing.


Our new Beautanicals range is our most sustainable line of products yet. Bottles are made from 100% recycled materials and tubes are made from 55% recycled plastics. But it’s not only the packaging that’s sustainable: all Beautanicals products contain a minimum of 95% natural origin products, and they’re paraben and silicone-free.


Beauty your way


S-beauty is different from other beauty hotspot philosophies because it does not prescribe an ideal beauty standard. You should get to decide how you want to approach your own skincare and make-up routine. We believe that every person has the opportunity to define what beauty means for them. Our wide range of products means that we have something to benefit all skin types and personal preferences, whether you have sensitive, acne-prone or mature skin.


Trends come and go. But the Scandinavian approach to beauty is what we always have and always will stand by. We think it’s the best way to feel good and to live beautifully.