PreBiotics for Skin What’s All The Fuss?

Hybrid make-up is creating a paradigm shift in the beauty industry. Not only do we all expect to look better with the latest in cosmetics, our make-up actually makes us better. Improves skin quality, prevents damage from pollution and helps our body generate new cells. If it sounds like the stuff of science fiction, wait till you hear about PreBiotics. Known to aid our health, now they can be applied directly to the skin.

Getting to Grips with PreBiotics
Experts around the world consider probiotics fundamental to being healthy and youthful. These ‘good’ bacteria keep your body healthy and working well, fending off bad bacteria and in turn strengthening your immune system. Prebiotics are the natural partner to probiotics, their source of food you might say, and as it turns out, the benefits of prebiotics are also apparent when applied to skin. Applying prebiotics to skin helps probiotics thrive so they can:
• Keep the surface of skin- our first line of defense—balanced, younger-looking, and strong
• Offset factors that lead to redness, dryness, and a weakened surface.
• Ward off signs of aging skin.
• Restore a healthy microbiome balance (good bacteria).

Hybrid Innovation at its Best
Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. And hybrid make-up is a perfect example of this. Take Giordani Gold’s Age Defying Foundation. It’s their 1st multi-benefit, Prebiotic Serum-Boosted Hybrid Foundation and it gives you radiant, seamless coverage. The Prebiotic Serum works to replenish skin and reactivate its natural defenses to nourish and maintain healthy moisture levels. This is ‘hybrid’ innovation at its best, with the benefits of skin care working to visibly defy the effects of time and counteract environmental stressors to your skin.

I love the natural, lightly dewy finish and long-lasting coverage, almost as much as the way it instantly erases skin imperfections. Science meets beauty!