Meet the Scientists – Claire Tansey

We’re extremely proud of our scientists and their extensive skills and experience. They’re the ones who make sure that all of your Oriflame products are as safe as can be, while delivering the amazing results they promise. We’re featuring Claire Tansey, our Director of Clinical Evaluation and Scientific Communication.

What is your role at Oriflame?
I am responsible for the efficacy and sensory testing of all new products in development. In addition, my team is focused on conducting research into global skin needs and scientific communication.

Can you describe the journey that led you to Oriflame?
I was always interested in reading cosmetic ingredient lists and leaflets explaining how the product works, so I did an internship with Oriflame Research and Development during university and knew that I’d found my ideal place to work, combining Science with Cosmetics. When Oriflame offered me a Formulation Chemist role, I didn’t hesitate to join!



What are you currently working on?
We are conducting research into the ageing profiles of different ethnic skin types (Age Reflect study). It is so interesting to discover the differences and similarities between different skin types. This research enables us to provide relevant products for all of our customers.

What are you proud of?
I am proud of my career progression and the diversity of roles I have held in Oriflame during my 23 years here. I started as a Skin Care Formulation Chemist, where my key achievement was formulating the first retinol product for Oriflame.

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