4 Skin Care Tips For Your Hands

Everyone pays attention to their face and takes care of it by treating it well. Hand skin care is as important as taking care of your facial skin. Our hands need to stay well moisturized and properly maintained so they can look presentable and avoid any damage that will end up infections or diseases. Here are a few tips on how you can keep your hands well-attended,

It is necessary to exfoliate your hands now and then so that the dead skin can be eliminated and the new fresh skin can resurface. You can use the Milk and Honey Gold Nourishing Hand Scrub to exfoliate and scrub your hands properly.

Dryness can cause severe problems to your hands, so it is a must to keep your hands well moisturized. NovAge Intensive Age Defence Hand Cream SPF 25 is the perfect product for you to keep your hands soft and smooth, preventing it from cracking or drying. It also protects your skin from harmful sun rays with SPF 25, preventing it from premature ageing.

Keeping your cuticles clean and properly trimmed is very important because they help in making your hands look presentable. It makes your hands look prettier and fresher. If your cuticles tend to dry out, apply nourishing and moisturizing oil e.g. The ONE Bi-phase Nail & Cuticle oil.

These Moisturizing Gloves are super helpful as they help the hand cream absorb properly so that you can get the all the benefits from the hands cream. They are working friendly as they allow you to continue on working with your hands without any interruption, with their touch function.
Now that you know about these effortless tips on how you can take care of your hands as well, don’t forget to try them and add them to your daily schedule. Don’t hesitate to check more products out and choose the best one for your skin. We hope that these tips would help you in your road to taking care of your hands and keeping them gorgeous as ever.

Words by: Photographs by: Shutterstock / Oriflame