4 Reasons Why Friendships Are Important

Friendships are truly a big part of our lives. They can certainly confuse us, challenge us and sometimes even make us question what relationships are really all about. But, at the end of the day, friendships are as crucial to us as our wellbeing. So, what is it really that makes friendships so important?

One of the most overlooked benefits of friendships is how it can play a vital part in keeping our minds and bodies strong. Studies show that friendships are as important to us as keeping fit and eating well. Having solid friendships in our lives can help promote brain health, and also help us make better lifestyle choices that keep us strong. Friendships helps us deal with stress and allows us to rebound from health issues and disease more quickly. Spending time with positive friends can even change our outlook for the better; meaning we’re happier when we choose to spend time with happy people. All the more reason to invest time in great friendships and get rid of any toxic ones!

Believe it or not, but friendships have the power to improve the quality of our lives and can even add years to it. Spending time with friends fills our lives with great conversation, support, heart-to-hearts and a lot of laughter. Friends are there when we face difficulties and help us to put things in perspective, and even give us new ones we might never have found ourselves. They are there when we succeed at things and are to celebrate our good fortune. With positive and nurturing relationships in our lives we become more mindful of our gratitude and doing nice things for others. Having many good friends increases longevity even more than connecting with relatives and family! Studies even show that deeply connecting with others actually reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels. We don’t just live when we have healthy friendships, we thrive!

The basic components of any relationship, from our coworkers to marriage, are all founded in friendship. The people we bring in to our lives will show us how to interact with others, how to forgive, laugh and make conversation. Friends help us interact with just about everyone and we learn how to interact with different kinds of people because of our friends. Especially from those who are opposite from us or have a different view on the world. It is essentially from friendship that we learn how to meet new acquaintances and, in that process, learn what makes different people react in different ways. Friends often help us push ourselves out of our comfort zones while still providing a safe emotional space for us to be totally ourselves. Incredible!

Whilst tough times don’t always last that long, being in the process of going through something life-changing or difficult can at times feel overwhelming. Luckily, this is where friends are expert at helping us push through and light our way during the process. Friends can’t cure loneliness, but they can certainly play a big part in supporting us when we need it the most. Having a steady stream of friends lets us know that some friendships might not last forever, but each one teaches us something and brings out something special. Being without friends during painful times can help us appreciate the friendships that come and go in our lives. We learn how to accept kindness and also that it is important to reach out when we need help. In many situations friendships teaches us a lot about ourselves, and it can often make us realize just how important it is to have someone who knows you and understands you. Friends are truly key in figuring out how to coming out of a difficult situation in our lives.

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