Your FAQ answered! Find out how our new Love Nature range loves the planet just as much as your skin

Sustainability seems to be on everyone’s mind (and lips) these days, and recent years have seen an even stronger shift towards finding new ways of doing things that have less of a negative impact on our precious planet. But what does sustainability entail for the most recent addition to the Love Nature family – the Love Nature Dark Berries Delight Range?

Read on to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about how we’ve focused on sustainability in our new range!


First of all, what’s the new range all about?
Since the dawn of its arrival, the Love Nature brand has always focused on incorporating ingredients from nature. All Love Nature products are designed to celebrate nature’s magnificent ingredients and have been created to nurture your body while respecting and protecting the planet. Same thing goes for the products in our most recently launched Love Nature Dark Berries Delight range. Featuring exciting new skin care recipes inspired by natural ingredients found in the kitchen, as well as unexpected textures such as yoghurt and marmalade, the range provides a sensorial experience that leaves your skin soft and fresh. The products in the range are developed with organic berry and yoghurt extracts, while wash-off products are designed to be fully biodegradable – which is great for your skin, as well as for our precious planet.

What does organic mean?
Organic extracts, such as the ones in this range, come from plants that have been grown, harvested, and processed without unnecessary pesticides and with respect to natural ecosystems. This means that they have a ‘reduced impact on the environment’.

What exactly is a BIODEGREABLE RINSE-OFF SKINCARE FORMULA? Why is it better for the planet?
Great question! Biodegradable means that when you use the rinse-off products carrying the biodegradable logo, you know that what is being rinsed down the drain will break down, reducing our impact on our water systems – for a happier planet! Love Nature rinse-off skin care formulations have been independently tested for biodegradability.

Why it is better for the planet (and you) to have natural origin scrubbing particles in the scrubs?
Plastic microbeads are a major cause of concern especially when they enter our water systems. Oriflame began to address the use of plastic microbeads in 2013, so that all new launches from 2015 contained natural origin scrubs only. Plastic microbeads have instead been replaced with natural origin scrubs such as silica, almond shell, and olive stone. By using natural origin scrubs, we further reduce our impact on water systems, as these are biodegradable.

Why is it better for the planet (and you) to have SILICONE FREE rinse off products?
We offer a silicone free choice, to further reduce our impact on water, as silicones can bioaccumulate/build up in water, which can harm aquatic environments.

Now you can go ahead and treat your skin to the guilt-free berrylicious treat that is the Love Nature Dark Berries Delight range, knowing that you’re nurturing your skin with kind products that are as good to you as they are to the planet!