Summer Must-Haves For Your Feet

Since the summer is here in full swing, women have switched from boots to open-toed sandals, gladiators and flip flops. This exposure to sun and the environment makes getting a pedicure even more important. Check our selection of summer feet care must haves that every woman needs to have.

1. Make your feet summer ready
Mangoes are the highlight of summers for obvious reasons. They are not only delicious but also hold a ton of skincare and body care benefits. This Feet Up Mango Infusion Pedicure goodies are just perfect for summer. These limited edition products has natural ingredients that deeply nourish your skin, giving a new life to your feet. Mango is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C that heals and brightens the skin from within. The ginseng extracts are full of anti-oxidants that rejuvenate the skin of feet. The foot scrub efficiently removes the dead skin cells while the foot cream and foot spray moisturize and protect the skin of our feet. This trio will keep your feet looking fresh and healthy throughout the summer along with keeping them odor free for a long period of time. Get your hands on this delicious smelling pedicure kit and give your feet the immense love they deserve. 

2. Target your feet needs 
Sometimes our feet need a little more care than usual. This is where the advanced foot treatment comes to the rescue. These products of Feet Up Advanced range target the specific needs of your feet. The mineral rich foot cream has a good amount of shea butter that deeply soothes and moisturizes the skin while still allowing your skin to breathe. The intensive moisture foot mask has glycerin, pure shea butter, and beeswax to completely lock in the moisture and make your feet smooth and soft all summer long. Its skin conditioning, protein-rich mineral blend of zinc, magnesium, iron and copper keeps your feet looking healthy and rejuvenated without having to make trips to the spa. For daily comfort, try a pair of gel silicone pads that can be adhered to the sandals for pain relieving wear time. Whether you are wearing pencil heels or trendy summer wedges, these silicone gel pads will make walking with heels nothing less than a breeze. 

3. Get soft feet in 4 steps!
For all those women out there who love to have an at home pedicure rather than going to salons or spa, this 4 step pedicure routine is the best option. Start with a handy foot file that helps to remove the dead skin cells from your heels and smoothen out the skin of your feet. Then pick an antiperspirant foot cream and a refreshing care foot cream to keep your feet dry, fresh and odorless at all times (TIP: Try a set of moisturizing foot sock to properly lock in the moisture). Continue with a deodorizing foot powder to help eliminate all the bacteria and prevent any feet infection caused by excessive sweat and a reviving foot spray that has healing and cooling properties to give your feet a new life.

With these high quality foot care products in your collection, you will be able to give your feet the care they deserve. So, sport your summer shoes and steal the spotlight with your beautiful and healthy feet adorned with the trendiest footwear. 

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame