How To Get A Good Night Sleep?

If you find yourself struggling with sleep at night, then we have the perfect solutions for you. With our helpful tips, you will get the much-needed sleep and get rid of those eye bags for good now.

Getting enough sleep every day can improve our focus and concentration while elevating our moods as well. But with all the stress that we have to put up with on daily basis, sleeping peacefully doesn’t come so easily to most of us. Hence, we find ourselves tossing and turning in our beds when we should instead be utilizing this time in giving our body what it needs the most: sleep.

Work on the environment
When it is time to sleep, you need to work to optimize your environment in a way that would calm down your mind and prepare it for the sleep hours ahead. Distance yourself from the blue light and dim down the lights in your room. A soft music that would calm you down would be of great help as well. We would also suggest reading a book at this point to distract the thoughts in your head.

Use an eye mask
Using an eye mask to create the perfect ambiance works perfectly too. Invest in the Star Dreaming Eye Mask which is made keeping your comfort and needs in mind.

Adjust the bed
A good sleep is the one that makes you feel relaxed and healthy when once you wake up. If that isn’t happening for you, then you need to adjust the pillows and mattress in your room. Are they comfortable enough to relax your body or do they keep troubling you all night? Try working out the perfect pillow height and mattress softness that will not trouble your back or neck during the night. 

Mists to the rescue
Some people find using fragrances and mists on their pillows helpful too. Try Dream Sleep Body & Pillow Mist  infused with lavender scent. A few sprays and its magical fragrance will soon be transforming you into your land of dreams.

Shower and massage
A long shower helps de-stress the body and allows the muscles and the mind to relax. Indulge in a luxurious long bath, if you have trouble sleeping, before continuing with your bedtime routine. For added effects use the Dream Sleep Body Oil once you are done showering. The ingredients in the oil and its fragrance will work like a wondrous potion on your senses. Made from only the finest ingredients it is safe for all skin types and thus a trusted choice of many around the globe.

Try these tips and see how things change drastically for you. It is time you stopped hiding those puffy eyes and dark circles and welcomed each morning with a vibrant happy mood. 

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame