Autumn Skin Treats From Top To Toes

Autumn is supposed to prepare us for the winters ahead. The winds might not be that cold, but they are still chilly enough to cause our skin to dry out and rip the moisture out of it. So, which products should you actually be investing in to ensure that you continue enjoying the same healthy season regardless of what the temperature it is outside?

Moisturize skin
While the dry air is unbalancing the water content in your skin, you need creams and products that would lock the moisture within and naturally hydrate your skin. This would prevent dryness and help you retain the smooth texture. If you are looking for a lotion that has an amazing scent and is packed with natural safe ingredients only then we have something just for you. Try out the Love nature body lotions  that come in warm scents of almond, and lavender and feel your skin transforming after just the first use.

Keep your hands soft
Autumn weather makes skin on hands especially vulnerable. It still seems too early to wear gloves so skin can get dry and irritated quickly. Keeping your favorite hand cream in your handbag is a necessity. For autumn, it is best pick a cream with warming scent like Spiced Citrus Hand Cream . It will not only moisture the skin on hands but also invigorate your senses.

Take a soothing bath
There nothing better than a warm bath when you feel a bit cold and tired. For perfect autumn treat, try out the Blooming Love Bubble Bath  which has a balanced pH formula and is soap free to work for all sensitive skins. Its floral fragrance is sure to uplift the mood while its luxurious leather texture would destress your body.

Don't forget the feet
While you might have your feet covered most parts of the day, not including them as a major part of your beauty regime would be a huge mistake that you will come to regret in coming months. To keep them baby soft and supple, try out this new product: FeetUp Winter Comforts Pomegranate &Heather Foot Cream . Made exclusively keeping the autumn weather in mind, it will do wonders for your skin.

Stay protected while out 
Even if it is autumn, the skin still needs protection from UV light. Using day creams that would prevent dehydration while providing a safe cover form sunrays is always a good idea. The Optimals Even Out day cream  with an SPF20 is perfect in this regard. Made with quality Swedish ingredients it gently protects the skin from UV rays and pollution and keeps its moisture levels well-balanced out too.

Lip balms are a must
Chapped lips can ruin the whole look of your face. This autumn keeps the lips hydrated and soft by using moisturizing lip balms or lipsticks. The One Triple Core Lipsticks  combine vibrant colour, gloss and nourishing care in one sweep. Carry one around in your bag all the time to enjoy soft hydrated lips whenever wherever. 

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame / Shutterstock