5 Ways Chestnut Benefits Your Beauty and Health

Nuts have always been famous for their nutritious qualities and beauty benefits. They are extremely beneficial for your skin, lips, and hair. They are also very effective for your health and keep you fit and energized. Discover all these benefits in chestnuts. Here are a few facts you should know.

All-purpose skin healer
The antioxidants and the vitamins in chestnuts make your skin look fresh and keep it well moisturized. Products made out of chestnut like The Chestnut Collection Multi-Purpose Cream with chestnut extract, filled with the generous amount of chestnut properties, can be very beneficial for your skin. Dry or cracked skin can be easily cured by the nourishing qualities of chestnut.

Memory booster
The fat-soluble B vitamins present in chestnut helps grow red blood cells, breaks down the carb, proteins, and fats for energy and strength. It also enhances brain function which results in better memory and brain activity. The rich blend of B vitamins in chestnut is present in an enormous amount that helps with the growth and power of the brain. Nervous system health can be improved by the steady blood flow caused by the potassium present in chestnut.

Extensive skin moisturizer
Soft and plump skin can be obtained by using lotions and moisturizers that contain chestnut. Chestnut has the qualities that make your skin soft, moisturized and healthy. It works as an extensive skin moisturizer for our skin. The Chestnut Collection Shower Cream with chestnut extract can be used while you shower, this will help your skin gain freshness and the right amount of moisture.


Cholesterol reducer
The dietary fiber present in chestnut allows your cholesterol level to lower down. This will keep you fit and healthy. This allows you to have a fit body and the manganese present in chestnut helps reduce the chances of heart diseases. It will also boost up your energy so that you can work without getting tired again and again. 

Hair strengthener
The potassium B vitamins, zinc and vitamin E that is present in chestnut can be very advantageous for your hair and also eliminates the toxins in your body that damages and weakens your hair. Shampoos and hair ointments that contain chestnut is preferable for weak or damaged hair.

Now that you know how beneficial chestnut is, you should now start using products with more chestnut extracts. Chestnut can be very helpful for both your body and health and is recommended by nutritionists and beauticians worldwide. Do not hesitate to try all the products with chestnut extract before you choose the best one for your skin type and health conditions. Also, do not forget to ask the doctor if you have any nut allergy, before use.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame / Shutterstock