The scent of attraction

What is smell? How do we recognise different scents? Can they influence us in our daily lives? Read on to find out!

Did you know that the sense of smell is 10 000 times more sensitive than any other human sense? That’s because the sensory receptors in the upper part of the nose send messages directly to the brain, which is where these messages are interpreted as smells. We recognise scents immediately, which is incredible, considering the fact that there can be thousands of smells, sensed by the different combinations of receptors. It’s as if the smell molecules are playing a symphony, and our nose is the entire orchestra.

The smells are recognised by the oldest and most primal part of the brain – the limbic system. It is also the area that influences learning, memory – and emotions. It is no wonder, then, that certain scents can have so much power over our moods. For example, lavender helps with relaxation and reducing tension. But there are also those fragrances that make our brain sit up and take notice.

Magnetista Eau de Parfum has been created with this subliminal pull in mind. It starts with fresh and suave notes, such as Dewy Neroli Blossom, Blackcurrant and Pink Pepper, closes with warm and sensual Musks, Sandalwood and Vanilla, but it is the heart that holds the secret power. The striking Passion Flower Accord is a bewitching fragrance note that reflects the electric connection between two people – in fact, Magnetista unfolds mimicking the stages of connection and rising attraction.

To ensure the fragrance’s magnetic effect, it has been tested by neuroscientists. The research involved evaluating emotional responses, brain wave activity measurement and eye tracking. The evidence showed that Magnetista Eau de Parfum makes a positive impact after just one exposure, increasing the wearer’s power of attraction on men.

Why leave anything to chance, when you can have science on your side?

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame