5 ways to improve your emotional wellbeing

Everyone knows that taking care of your body is important – from the food we eat to our exercise routine, physical health is something many of us think about daily. But did you know that looking after your emotional wellbeing can also have a huge effect on your overall health and happiness?

There’s no denying that emotions affect our mood – when we feel good, we have focus and energy. But emotions are more than just feelings! They influence our decisions and motivate our actions. Consciously taking steps to support your emotional wellbeing can help your thoughts become clearer (which can help you make the right decisions!) and your body perform at its optimum. And at a time when global stress levels are high, it’s more crucial than ever to show yourself the ultimate self-care by following some simple yet effective ways to connect to yourself – and manage your mind, body and mood.

Switch up your morning routine
Rather than relying on the dreaded alarm and a strong coffee to wake you up each day, get into a healthy morning habit that you’ll look forward to. Try switching out your coffee for a freshly squeezed juice packed with energy boosting B-vitamins – like watermelon, carrots or beets. Or transform your shower with the zesty, uplifting aroma of an energising essential oil, to revitalise your mind into an alert state.

Connect to the elements
There’s a reason why we feel a sense of calm when we watch a fire flicker and stare out over the ocean. It’s got to do with negative ions. We are all guilty of too much screen time, and the positive ions we get from our devices creates an imbalance in the atmosphere around us, negatively affecting our mood. To reset, lean on the elements with time in nature – take a dip in a lake or ocean, burn a fire or light a candle, take a walk outside on the ground barefoot or just open the window! You’ll be surprised at how suddenly it can change your mood.

Just breathe
An adult breathes approximately 15 times a minute, literally taking thousands of breaths every day without even thinking about it. But few people know about the power of breathing exercises to shift the mind from a stressed to relaxed state. This shift happens when you take conscious breaths, actively focusing attention on your breathing. Scientists have linked breathing-in through your nose to increased control of emotions – and even practicing just a few minutes of deep, mindful breathing a day can help to reduce stress and improve your overall wellbeing.

Create a ritual
Life can be hectic, and you can often find yourself rushing about your day on autopilot from one task to the next. But we need to give our brain some space to relax, and little daily routines can be an easy way to start. It’s all about thinking of where you are in the moment – noticing it, and truly being in it. It could be as small as turning an everyday task like brushing your teeth into a daily me-time ritual. Or have a calming cup of tea, diffuse a balancing essential oil or take a daily (or even weekly) nature walk. It’s time for yourself. So grab the small moments where you can and make them meaningful.

Sleep well
Hands up if you feel cranky after a late night! It’s fine to pull an all-nighter every once in a while, but you can’t underestimate the importance of quality sleep on your emotional wellbeing – If you’re not in a good frame of mind, it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep. And without quality sleep during the night, you can’t start your day energised. So if you haven’t already, it’s time to invest in a soothing bedtime routine. Cut the blue light (bye shut-eye Instagram!) an hour before bed, spritz your pillow with a sleep-inducing scent, unwind in a calming bath or try massaging your feet with a relaxing essential oil before dozing off – the new morning-you with thank you.