Nutritionist-designed for a smarter choice

Natural Balance Bar protein bar with chocolate is a delicious treat – but why exactly is it so healthy? Let’s take a deeper dive into the ingredients that come together to form this tasty snack!

Milk & Whey Protein

Whey is an excellent protein source, comprising all 9 essential amino acids – that are essential, but can be obtained only through diet – to help build, repair and maintain a strong and healthy body. On the other hand, the high-quality milk protein isolate provides both whey (fast digesting) and casein (slow digesting) proteins for their sustained release and, in consequence, a long-lasting feeling of satiation.

Dietary Fibre

Natural Balance Bar protein bar with chocolate is made with dietary fibre including fibre from chicory root. And what’s great about it? Not only is a fibre-rich diet associated with a lower risk of heart disease and type two diabetes, but chicory root fibre is also prebiotic, providing ‘food’ for the good bacteria in the gut – to help maintain a healthy gut environment.


You can’t make Natural Balance Bar protein bar with chocolate – without the main star of the show! The dark chocolate pieces and cocoa crisps interspersed throughout the bar, and its delicious topping of natural, crunchy cocoa nibs enhance both taste and texture. Fancy a nibble?