Live your life to the fullest with Wellness by Oriflame!

At Oriflame, we believe that when you feel good, it shows. That’s why our Wellness products take care of your well-being from the inside. Browse through our foods and supplements and choose the products to meet your nutritional needs!

Delicious Foods

Are you looking for healthy food choices that will fill the gaps in your nutrition? Our range of food supplements will make sure your diet is both balanced and delicious. If you want to start your day on a good note, make yourself a Natural Balance Shake in one of 3 delicious flavours or mix the Protein Blend into your smoothie or oatmeal. For a healthy mid-day snack, opt for Natural Balance Soup with fibre sourced from plant sources.

Health Supplements

We know it’s not easy to achieve a balanced intake of nutrition in a hectic world and that’s why our Supplements are here to help you. Omega 3 will take care of your heart, eyesight and brain while Marine Calcium & Vitamin D will help ensure your bones and teeth health. If you want to enhance your beauty from the inside, try Hair & Nail Nutricomplex if you’re struggling with thin hair and splitting nails or Astaxanthin & Bilberry Extract to help protect and strengthen your skin. Wellness Kids Multivitamin & Mineral are here to make sure yourfussy eater gets enough nutrients to learn, play, grow and steer clear of viruses. And if you want easy, complete solutions, try Multivitamin & Mineral or Wellness Pack to fill your nutritional gaps from head to toes.