How to properly communicate Wellness by Oriflame


Say Wellness by Oriflame products can help strengthen immune system.

Say Astaxanthin & Bilberry Extract provides antioxidant protection from the inside out.

Say Multivitamin & Mineral is rich in essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

Say a balanced diet high in vegetables and fruit can have a positive impact on health.

Say taking care of your digestive health can have positive benefits on your immune defence.

Say living a healthy lifestyle can positively influence your wellbeing and immune system.




Say that Wellness by Oriflame products will protect you from or treat any illness or disease.

Communicate or send messages informing that our products can help prevent or treat any illness or disease.

Say or claim that by exceeding the recommended dosage of Wellness by Oriflame products you can prevent or treat any illness or disease.

Try to build a business by recommending Wellness by Oriflame as a remedy to any illness or disease – this is categorically false, unethical and against all Oriflame standards and practices.