Holiday well-being

From the wintry subarctic to the warm equatorial regions, the holiday season is upon us. We welcome this time that we spend visiting with family and friends – eating, drinking, enjoying the ambiance, and sharing love and laughter.

It is also the time of the year when we not only over-indulge – gaining on average 2 to 4 kilos – but are quite likely to miss out on proper nutrition that keeps the body fuelled and topped off with good energy to enjoy all the festivities.

So, how can we help our bodies obtain the vital nutrients we need to feel great when sharing time with family and friends?

Let’s start in the kitchen

We cannot start discussing the nutritional value of the Yuletide food without mentioning the most important room in the house: the kitchen. If you are concerned with how the frantic preparations will reflect on the nutritious value of the meals, don’t worry! There are many ways you can aid yourself in staying on track and reducing calories in some of the popular Holiday foods, and below we present some of them.

COOK with Protein Blend

Making pie?
Add a scoop of Protein Blend into the batter.

Baking holiday cookies, biscuits, cakes?
Add a scoop or two of Protein Blend into the batter – it works well in most baked foods!

Making savoury sauces to serve over vegetables, meat, rice, noodle dishes?
Add in a scoop or two of Protein Blend to thicken them.

And what about post-holiday time? How to take care of your health when every day is filled with work, managing household, meetings and other activities, and when you scarcely have time for yourself? Wellness by Oriflame would like to support you in this matter and present 4 simple habits to incorporate into your daily routine.

4 simple habits for a healthier life

1. Consume Wellness Pack every day.
2. Drink a Natural Balance Shake every day.
3. Mix Protein Blend into your sauces, soups, dips, cereals, yogurt.
4. When planning to go out for a late dinner, consume Natural Balance Soup in the middle of the afternoon to help bridge the gap.

Also, during the holiday season, it is vital to KEEP ACTIVE – commit to exercise!

We all tend to increase our caloric intake during the holiday season, usually ending up gaining a few kilos. During winter, in the Northern Hemisphere the days are shorter, so being active may seem more of a challenge, as it is often cold and dark when we finally leave work.

Here are some suggestions on how to get your exercise without having to radically change your schedule:
• Walk, walk, walk – take the stairs instead of the lift and the escalators. Walk the blocks instead of taking public transportation.
• When going gift shopping, challenge yourself to walk faster between buildings, increasing speed, intensity, and ultimately burning calories.
• If driving to the grocery store, park at the very end of the parking lot to add additional steps to your outing.

And, for the Northern Hemisphere countries that get the really cold winters, it is so important to remain active and connected with people. Join in social activities, both online and offline if possible. This helps to keep us engaged, interested, and makes the long cold months pass in a blink of an eye.

By the way…

The Holidays are a great time to work Wellness products like the Wellness Packs and Natural Balance Shakes into your GIFT-GIVING. How about presenting a family member or a friend with a yoga course, packed together with a bottle of Protein Blend? And it doesn’t have to be yoga – there are so many different kinds of exercise routines and workout regimens that there is something for just about everyone. They are so much fun that people hardly notice that they are exercising!

In the end, the Holidays are near. We all need to take a bit of special care during this time of year to feel great, have the energy to enjoy family, friends, and this special, joyful season. Commit to the Wellness routine and daily exercise, and be able to enjoy it all.



Heather Livingston, M.Sc.
Director of Global Wellness Training

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