From the bottom of our hearts

“From the bottom of my heart” – this phrase is commonly used to put emphasis on our sincerity. Moreover, we are really fond of using a depiction of a heart to convey feelings. Who hasn’t sat in a classroom, drawing hearts in a notebook and thinking of one’s crush? We might’ve grown out of that phase; however, the symbolism still holds up. After all, we perceive the heart to be at the centre of our feelings, and even as the core part of the self. If hearts are so important, doesn’t it make sense to show them special care? The heart is as important as brain, or lungs – it’s one of the most vital organs in the body, without which we wouldn’t survive. It should be considered precious and treated like a treasure. With World Heart Day on the horizon, we’d like to take a dive into the subject and give you some tips on how to improve your heart’s condition.

World Heart Day

Each year, on September 29th, the World Heart Federation hosts World Heart Day: a day dedicated to informing people around the world that cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the world’s leading cause of death. CVD claims the lives of nearly 18 million people each year – but it doesn’t need to be this way! By making some simple changes to our routine, diet, and lifestyle, we can reduce our risk of heart disease, improve quality of life, and set a good example for those around us. World Heart Day is a global initiative, during which individuals and communities around the world participate in activities to take charge of their heart’s health! This year’s theme is “Use Heart to Beat CVD”. Now it is especially crucial to pay even more attention to your heart condition, seeing that “Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions, such as heart disease, are more vulnerable to the novel coronavirus.”


Oriflame’s heart hero – Stig Steen

Did you know that we, at Oriflame, have our own heart hero? Stig Steen, the founder of Igelösa Life Science Community, is a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon and innovator of clinical methods within organ transplantation. Noting that a vast number of his 3patients were undernourished, Professor Steen applied his knowledge of the human body and what it requires to function optimally and used this to develop the patented Wellness by Oriflame Natural Balance Shake, as well as his original formulation, the Protein Blend. Oriflame continues to cooperate with Igelösa Life Science Community and Stig Steen when developing our Wellness products.


A recipe for healthy heart

Achieving and maintaining a healthy heart shouldn’t be complicated! By employing a holistic approach, you’ll be able to take small steps each day, gradually improving the health of your heart – and you can encourage others to do the same. Such steps can include:
Working out regularly – The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that:
o Adults aged 18-64 should:
- do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week (example: 30 minutes of walking, 5 days per week)
- or do at least 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week (example: 25 minutes of HIIT workout, 3 times per week)
- or do a combination of the two
o Note that aerobic activity should be performed in bouts of at least 10 minutes duration
Getting enough sleep
o 7-8 hours per night
Mindfulness and strategies for stress reduction
o Remember to stop and just take a deep breath a couple of times during the day
Eating a healthy diet – including fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, lean protein, and dietary fibre


How Wellness by Oriflame can support you?

Natural Balance Shake

Natural Balance Shakes by Wellness by Oriflame are based on Stig Steen’s original formulation, which is supported by observational research studies during several years on heart patients. These shakes are designed to support your body every day, with protein from peas, egg, and milk, and heart-healthy dietary fibre from apple, sugar beet, and rosehip. This optimal blend of proteins and dietary fibre helps to keep you satisfied and is the perfect addition to a healthy diet. Natural Balance Shake comes in three delicious flavours, or you can choose our unflavoured Protein Blend, which can be mixed in with your favourite foods. It’s the ultimate convenience to fit both your life and your taste!

Omega 3

Omega-3 fatty acids also play an important role in heart health. They are referred to as essential fatty acids because our bodies can’t produce them; we need to obtain them from either food or supplements. Omega-3 acids are required for many important biological functions, including building healthy cells. They’re also associated with protection from heart disease and stroke. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that in order to get adequate levels of omega-3s, individuals should eat at least two portions of fatty fish, such as salmon or mackerel, each week. Alternatively, taking a daily omega-3 supplement derived from fish oil, such as the one by Wellness by Oriflame, is a simple and effective way to meet the recommended daily intake. You can rest easy knowing you’re getting the right dose and will be getting the benefits of omega-3s, no matter what happens with your diet each week.


Simplicity is the key

It’s simple to become the hero of your heart and inspire those around you! A healthy diet with fresh fruits and vegetables is ideal, but it’s not always easy to take good care of yourself when life gets busy! Activate your nutrition by filling the gaps with supplements, such as the daily WellnessPack by Wellness by Oriflame, including;
• 1 tablet Multivitamin and Mineral
• 2 capsules of Omega 3
• 1 capsule of Astaxanthin & Bilberry Extract
Build your defences, including supporting the creation of new cells, with daily protein intake. And customise your diet with delicious and simple products such as the Natural Balance Shake
as a snack.


If you want to learn more about the World Heart day, please have a look at the World Heart Federation website:


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