Say ‘YES’ to antioxidants!

Every day your body is exposed to hundreds of factors that affect its functioning. UV exposure, pollution, smoking and processed food are all sources of free radicals, compounds that can attach to cells in your body and damage them. The only way to counter this process is with the help of antioxidants!


What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are substances that can prevent or slow down the process of cell damage caused by free radicals. They can be found in fresh fruit and vegetables, but your body can also produce them as a by-product of physical exercise.

However, if your lifestyle is far from perfect, you eat processed foods and sugary treats once in a while and you don’t exercise enough, antioxidant supplementation is a good decision.

How to choose the right antioxidant supplementation?

When choosing a supplement with antioxidants, it’s worth answering these questions:

  • Does it contain naturally sourced ingredients?
  • Does it contain antioxidants whose effectiveness is backed by science?
  • Does it contain more than one type of antioxidants?

Our Astaxanthin & Bilberry Extract (link it please) ticks all these boxes and many more, as it includes 4 different antioxidants that help shield your body from damage.

1. Astaxanthin, a plant compound that comes from microalgae, is the most powerful antioxidant known! Our supplement uses only natural astaxanthin, which is 50 times more powerful than its synthetic equivalent. Its effectiveness has been confirmed by more than 60 clinical studies, showing its positive benefits on skin, immunity, heart, muscles, joints, vision and overall vitality.
2. Bilberries, commonly found in Swedish nature, are one of the richest natural sources of anthocyanins, components that give these fruits high antioxidant content and beautiful, dark purple skin colour.
3. Vitamin C not only protects your cells from oxidative stress, but is also crucial for collagen formation, which in turns brings countless benefits for your skin, gums, teeth, bones and blood vessels.
4. Vitamin E helps protect your cell membranes, proteins and DNA from oxidative stress and supports cellular health.