Soups and protein blends

All throughout history nutritional value of what we ate has been almost an irrelevant issue, save for special circumstances - you either had enough food or not, but the quality of it was usually something around what we strive for today, shopping in organic stores. Fresh from the field, tasty, filled with nutrients, sometimes naturally preserved with fermentation or salting. Because of the scientific developments of the late 19th and early 20th -century food became less of a hassle to prepare and source, and the easier it got to get a filling meal, the longer the path from field to table became. Artificial sweeteners, preservatives, additives and processing of the food made it more stable, but less dense in nutrients and therefore, in the end, less edible.

As a society, we automated so much of the food preparation process that we lost the sight of when a pulse or a legume becomes something unrecognizable non-intuitive, like a piece of candy or a dipping sauce. Foods we assume are full of vitamin C or calcium might be completely devoid of these due to the long and harsh process they went through. The need to supplement our diet with nutrients lost along the way has been becoming more and more pressing since the 1960’s, now supplements being as obligatory as washing your teeth. Industrialization of the food chain supply makes the question not ‘do I supplement?’ but ‘HOW I supplement?’ It is not possible for everyone to eat a healthy, stable diet, due to less nutritious and valuable foods being less subsidised and therefore pricier. This, in turn, makes getting a bag of chips cheaper than a piece of chicken sausage or a packet of ready to eat pulses, both rich in protein but less satisfying in the short run. You know how it works - you get something cheap and quick to gulp down and feel hungry 45 minutes later. Time to figure out, how to snack smarter and eat healthier.

Oriflame’s Wellness Natural Balance Soups provide a quick meal as easy as opening a pack of candy but much more filling and satisfying. A specially-designed blend of pea, soy and potato proteins makes these not only a perfect base for customising your own meal, but also a smarter choice! Toasted almond flakes, cherry tomatoes, sliced jalapenos? All of these will pair great with the Natural Balance Soup tomato & basil soup. Feeling more adventurous? Add some smoked salmon, roasted bell peppers, or Roquefort or parmesan cheese to your Natural Balance Soup asparagus to step up your snack game. Both of these soups can also make a tasty, warm meal on their own, in a to-go cup during cold winter months, or for you to eat during a lunch break in the office. One scoop of a Natural Balance soup gets you a healthy dose of about 7g of protein!

Do you think you can do us one better? Protein Blend might be your choice. With proteins derived from milk, egg and peas it has no distinct flavour and is easy to mix in with your favourite meals. It will go great with a creamy soup, spaghetti sauce, juice, smoothie, and a variety of other popular dishes and beverages. One scoop gets you 8g of protein, which usually is enough to keep you running like a well-oiled machine!

Inspired? Make a plan to prepare flavorful meals with our Wellness protein products!