Marine Calcium & Vitamin D

Calcium is an incredibly important nutrient that we sometimes overlook when planning our meals. In fact, surveys show that many countries do not meet dietary calcium recommendations. However, it is vital that we maintain a steady intake of this mineral, since our bodies cannot produce it on their own!

Almost all calcium in the organism in stored in our bones and teeth. As we get older, our bone density diminishes, increasing the risk of osteoporosis over time. Wellness by Oriflame’s Marine Calcium & Vitamin D helps protect against loss of bone mass and boosts the immune system.

Marine Calcium & Vitamin D contains a superior source of calcium, supplied by the sea. From the cold waters of Nordic Iceland comes AQUAMINTM – a unique source of bioavailable calcium from calcified seaweed. Along with many additional naturally occurring trace minerals, it´s a great source of calcium clinically proven to support bone strength – and we have added additional Vitamin D to ensure the best possible absorption into the body!