Fresh fish to the rescue!

Did you know that there are substances that your organism needs to function properly, but which your body cannot produce? Such are long chain fatty acids EPA & DHA, found in oily fish. Our Wellness supplement is a neat way to make sure you top up your daily intake of these indispensable substances!


Omega 3 acids are an essential nutrient for the organism. They form part of all membranes in the body – including the skin. What is more, they are necessary for normal development of the brain and eyes. Not to mention their role in reducing inflammation and the risk of heart disease.

Omega 3 by Wellness is produced taking into account the high-quality standards of the European Union. The 5-step purification process removes any possible contaminants and the product itself does not contain any preservatives, artificial colourants or flavours. Certified as sustainable, you can be sure it is as good for the environment, as it is for you.