Build your daily routine in 4 simple steps!

It’s small changes that can make a big difference to your well-being. Follow these steps to boost your energy levels, feel great and look your best!


Step 1: Start your day on a good note

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it gives you energy to face all the challenges that lie ahead. That’s why you should load your plate with food that’s rich in protein and fibre, such as eggs, yoghurt with fruit and granola or a hearty oatmeal.


Step 2: Compose your meals the right way

Did you know that you should fill half your plate with vegetables? And no, potato fries do not count. Go for colour: green, red and yellow veggies will get you tons of vitamins and microelements. Divide the remaining half of your plate into lean protein, such as lentils, fish or poultry and complex carbohydrates, e.g. whole grains, potatoes or pasta.  


Step 3: Fill your nutritional gaps with the Wellness Routine

First, set the foundation with micronutrients: Vitamins & Minerals, Omega 3 and Astaxanthin. Then, build your strength with macronutrients, such as protein and fiber from Natural Balance Shakes or Protein Blend. Finally, choose Wellness Pack for tailor-made supplementation.


 Step 4: Keep moving!

There’s a way to squeeze workout even into the busiest day. You can get off the bus one stop earlier and walk to your office or take the stairs instead of the lift. Combine activity with pleasure: if you’re not a big fan of the gym, ride a bike to work or take a dance class instead.