A complete revival for your hair and nails

The nutrients of the Hair & Nail NutriComplex feed your hair and nails from within. The tablets contain nutrients required for the synthesis of keratin – the protein that hair and nails consist of. When more is available in your system, hair and nails become thicker and stronger. The formula also contains nutrients that have life cycle extending effects in the hair roots of the scalp.


The way winter months treat your hair is rarely kind. Leaving your head uncovered will lead to low temperatures negatively influencing the hair’s structure. Putting a hat on makes them frizzy from friction. Not to mention, in winter, it might be more difficult to get all the necessary nutrients from your every-day diet.


Winter may leave your hair and nails looking worse for wear, but they don’t have to stay that way. Hair & Nail NutriComplex will help you bounce back from the months of hibernation and welcome the lengthening days in optimal condition!