We love oceans!

Almost two thirds of Earth’s surface are covered by water. It’s the reason why it’s often called the Blue Planet. We can’t survive without it, and yet, water is on its way to becoming a luxury good. Find out what Oriflame has been doing to change the tide – and how you can help!

There’s no life without water, so we need to keep it clean. Microplastic contamination is known to be one of the causes of water pollution – plastic microbeads are so tiny that they’re extremely difficult to filter. As a result, they end up being eaten by fish and other sea animals. When these animals land on our plates, we end up ingesting the plastic.

This is why, back in early 2013, we’ve decided to stop using plastic microbeads and plastic glitter in our cosmetic rinse-off products. At Oriflame, we only use natural exfoliants, such as poppy seeds, almond shells, olive stones and salt.

When we take a shower, the products that we use end up in our water systems. They can become part of the problem, polluting the oceans. To curb the negative impact on the ecosystems, it’s time to turn to biodegradable formulas – and Oriflame already has them in focus. We want you to feel good while using your favourite shampoo or shower gel.

Water is a limited resource and we need to start treating it as such. Even turning off the tap while brushing your teeth or washing your hair can make a difference in the long run. Don’t hesitate to recycle as much as you can and if it’s possible for you, consider collecting rainwater for watering your plants. It all sums up, and together, we’ll be able to make a difference!