A Princess’ Promise

World Childhood Foundation was founded in 1999 by H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden and co-founded by Oriflame – Af Jochnick Foundation to help prevent the abuse and exploitation of children. Today, this non-profit organisation supports over 100 projects, in 16 countries, around the world. We caught up with H.R.H. Princess Madeleine of Sweden, Honorary Board Member and mother, to discuss her hopes, dreams, childhood and her dedicated work with World Childhood Foundation.

Childhood is defined as ‘the age spanned between birth and adolescence’. What does Her Royal Highness think children need most during this important period of development?
Children need more than shelter and food – they need love, guidance and the chance to grow without fear or instability in their lives. Unfortunately, many children around the world are subject to abuse and exploitation, making it difficult for them to experience a safe and happy childhood.

How does World Childhood Foundation support these essential needs of children around the world?
At World Childhood Foundation, we believe that all children have a right to a childhood, to safety, happiness, playfulness, and curiosity in life. We support over 100 projects around the world, assisting children who are at risk of or are victims of abuse, children who are in alternative care, street children, and families at risk. Childhood not only supports projects financially, but also through strategic capacity building and networking opportunities. We promote cooperation, knowledge transfer, and help improve and promote efforts in a cost-effective and qualitatively efficient way to support children in need.

“Every child deserves to feel loved”

At Oriflame, we share the desire to support and empower children, we see it as giving them an opportunity to dream. How does Her Royal Highness see that this resonates with World Childhood Foundation work? 
I respect the work that Oriflame does to support and empower children. As one of the co-founders of World Childhood Foundation, they have worked in close collaboration with us over the last 15 years, raising close to 2 million euro. This new initiative shows the company’s clear dedication to help children fulfill their dreams by having a better childhood. All children should have the opportunity to dream, and the opportunity to pursue those dreams.

“It is really up to all of us to make sure that Children are given the opportunity to have a happy childhood”

How would Her Royal Highness like to see World Childhood Foundation develop in the future?
I hope that we can continue to grow as an organisation so that we can help more children around the world. Abuse and exploitation of children happen in every community around the world. I’d like to ensure that everyone understands how they can help protect the children in their own lives, and to support organisations that are helping children in other communities. This is why I created the ThankYou by Childhood campaign – so people remember the happy moments in their own childhood, and say thank you to the people who made those moments possible. Together, we can make sure that all children have happy memories of their childhood.

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Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame