Airinė Palšytė: Beautiful the way I want to be

We have always believed that your own power of beauty is being comfortable in your own skin. It is about knowing and accepting who you are. Taking care of yourself is essential for your well-being, and self care comes in many forms: exercise, nutrition, right beauty routine for your skin. So we decided to catch up again with one of the most inspiring women we know – our brand ambassador Airinė Palšytė. This has been another important year in her career and she has been announced as the athlete of the year in Lithuania. Keep on reading and know more her thoughts on this important topic we love so much - beauty.

1. What is your idea of beauty?
I believe that beauty always comes from within. If a woman loves herself, she feels healthy and happy, then it is reflected in her eyes and outside in general. Therefore, it is very important to take into account not only what beauty procedures we are taking, what skin care products we are using or what supplements we choose but also the general health and well-being which is influenced by many factors: healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and supplements, appropriate beauty products and procedures, sports and active leisure, love for oneself and relatives, etc.

2. Does feeling beautiful and looking beautiful goes hand in hand?
When we feel good, this is reflected in our appearance and behavior, so I really agree with the idea that feeling and looking beautiful are very close things.

3. For us, you always are a natural beauty inside and out. What helps you to shift into feeling more beautiful?
For healthy and beautiful look it is very important how the body feels from inside. Every morning, I take care of my face and body skin, I take great care of hygiene procedures, I do not forget to moisturize the skin, as well, to drink a glass of water with a lemon before breakfast to boost my body, and after breakfast, to take „Wellness by Oriflame“ supplements. This routine helps me to maintain good health and awakens the body. Before going to workout or meetings, I try to choose the right and comfortable outfit in which I feel great. Most women are naturally beautiful, but not in vain in the beauty industry we have a variety of cosmetic products that help highlight the benefits and hide the flaws. I am a girl of bright features, so in the morning, during my daily preparation, I like to highlight my eyes and eyebrows, so I am using mascara and eyebrow set. After this routine I feel good and well prepared for my day tasks – and this helps to feel more beautiful. 

4. Who, in your life, has been the greatest example of beauty?  Why?
As I was growing up, I've always been looking for inspiration from people around me, whether it's mom, aunt, friends or girls / women, seen on a TV screen or in magazines, but I have never had one particular example and still do not have it. I think there are no perfect people, so it's best to look for individual features that would admire you, it's even better to discover the beauty and the benefits inside yourself.

5. Do you agree that this is a important topic for all women today? Especially now when you have so many beauty definitions on social media? 
It is really important and necessary to talk about this, because we still have a sense of alignment with what we see in the environment, often forgetting that we are all different and that we should discover our advantages rather than trying to be ideal. Both in social media and on tv screens or magazine covers we see some “beauty standards” that have a huge impact on girls and women, but aligning with what we see is not always positive. The current pop culture tries to show that an image corrected to an ideality on the magazine's cover should be considered a standard of beauty or some kind of aspiration. However, I do not agree that a beautiful girl or woman should not have any flaws, be in specific shapes and always look flawless. In my opinion, beauty is in every person, it often comes from the charisma, good health and well-being, self-love – these are the most important ingredients of beauty.

6. What advice would you give to a younger self about this topic?
I'd advise myself not to pay attention what we see on magazine covers or TV screen, but accurately choose what I use in my daily beauty routine, go to beauty experts (beauticians) more often and listen to their advice and less experiment with cosmetics and face care. Over the years, I have realized that everyday skin care needs to be really simpler than I thought when I was young. Often it takes just a couple of products to make the face and body skin shine in order to feel better. So, I would say to my younger version more listen to expert advice and less copy of what I see in the environment. The sensation of your own personal beauty, the disclosure of benefits, and everyday care are essential elements for feeling good and beautiful.

7. How do you manage to combine your athletes career with the other roles you have to fulfill in your daily life? Do these things are easy to combine? 
I was always saying that sport gives a lot to people and gives lessons they do not get at school or at the university, so I would say that, on the one hand, the fact that I am a professional athlete helps me in other activities in my life, both in organizing my agenda and carrying out various tasks or meeting challenges. Of course, it's not easy to keep up with everything, but all people have 24 hours a day, a part of us do more, others less. This also shows that it is very important to properly prioritize areas or activities and to carefully organize our time.

8. We all know that you are a professional athlete and know how to take care about your body, but how do you keep up on your mental health?
For many people, talking about mental health is a taboo and the belief that visiting a psychologist is the choice of problematic and weak people is still prevalent. I think about it a little differently. I am sure that every professional in his field, in order to achieve more than others, faces certain challenges that may require psychologist’s assistance. I do not hide that in my team I work with a professional psychologist Aiste Žemaityte in order to achieve the highest goals. She helps me to prepare for the challenges, as well as helping me cope with the difficulties in other areas. In this way, I try to maintain proper emotional health and feel better.

9. What do you do to unwind or treat yourself?
In order to pamper myself, I let myself sleep longer, eat more delicious and plentiful, read a good book, go to the concert / movie or go to the spa.
Thank you for the words of wisdom! 

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame