Laura Ikauniece- Admidina: Beautiful the way I want to be!

We have always believed that your own power of beauty is being comfortable in your own skin. It is about knowing and accepting who you are. Taking care of yourself is essential for your well-being, and self care comes in many forms: exercise, nutrition, right beauty routine for your skin. So we decided to catch up again with one of the most inspiring women we know – our brand ambassador (athletes name). This has been another important year in her career and she has been announced as the (country) athlete of the year. Keep on reading and know more her thoughts on this important topic we love so much - beauty.

1. What is your idea of beauty?
I think that beauty is not only an outer expression, it`s not only about your looks. Beauty to me means feeling good in your body and be able to cherish every good moment in your life. I believe that each are beautiful in their own unique way. 

2. Does feeling beautiful and looking beautiful goes hand in hand?
Feeling and looking good? I believe that these things compliment each other. If I have a confidence about my outter appearance, I feel better accordingly. These feelings reflects in my results in sport as well. 

3. For us, you always are a natural beauty inside and out. What helps you to shift into feeling more beautiful?
I remember time when i could not imagine myself with hard layer of make-up on my face. I believe it was my teenage years that made me do such things. Today my natural beauty makes me feel beautiful. I strongly believe that confidence is something that comes with age and makes you even stronger.

4. Who, in your life, has been the greatest example of beauty?  Why?
I can`t highlight only one specific person, because i`m surrounded with such inspiring and beautiful women. The women who are not only athletes, but they can just cross the street in front of me and inspire me with their effortless beauty and elegance. I always adored women who can look great despate their age. It takes a lot to take care of your skin to maintain it youthful. You can look beautiful no matter how old you are. 

5. Do you agree that this is a important topic for all women today? Especially now when you have so many beauty definitions on social media? 
It`s a hot topic right now, because younger generation seeks those role models online, including social media and TV. I think that some of these youngsters themselves are true inspiration. I`ve always liked someone who doesn`t afraid to be efortlesly themselves. 

6. What advice would you give to a younger self about this topic?
Maybe this will sound funny, but i used wanted to look older. I used a lot of make-up and din`t took care of my skin properly. With age my perception on this topic has changed. I would give younger self a very important suggestion –take care of your skin, take off make-up every evening before the bed and embrace your natural beauty. 

7. How do you manage to combine your athletes career with the other roles you have to fullfill in your daily life? Does these things are easy to combine? 
I think that the hardest period was when I tried to connect my athlete career with studies. For now my career is on top. But in everyday life i`m wife and “mom” to two cats as well. 

8. What's your beauty philosophy? What are you using every day in your routine?
Usually my skin care rountine consists of few steps – washing my face, cleansing with micelar water and moisturising with cream. In the evenings i usually choose some face cream that is rich with vitamins. Tea tree oil is good help when i have some pimples. To relax after a long day i like to enjoy a bubble bath. I like to treat myself with different scurbs and mousturising creams. I try to not forget about SPF as well. 

9. We all know that you are a professional athlete and know how to take care about your body, but how do you keep up on your mental health?
As i mentioned before, different SPA procedures is the best way how to help relax and unwind my head after a long working day. I enjoy shopping and cooking as well. If i`m staying in, i like watching movies and having some snacks. And of course, sport helps produce happiness in my body. 

10. What do you do to unwind or treat yourself?
I guess I will not be original on this, but hairdresser appointment or facial treatment can brighten up my day. At the end I would like to say, that time you invest in yourself is never wasted. 

Thank you for the words of wisdom! 

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame