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Because we’re from Sweden we have a different view on beauty. For us, it’s not only how you look, but how you live, feel and act. It’s a way of life; to be healthy, enjoy beautiful skin, express yourself and realise your aspirations. It’s about being confident in who you are and finding balance in life. A balance that come from the inside and out – that puts you in control no matter what life throws at you – that lets you grow and thrive.

We also believe in a responsible beauty, creating safe products that are inspired by nature and powered by Swedish science. Products – with eco-ethically screened ingredients – that you can believe in and stand by.



aloe vera 





The lush green of the Aloe Vera plant are made up of 99.5% water, which explains why it can withstand hot, harsh climates. It’s been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years and, besides hydration, is also known for its anti-oxidant and calming properties.








Coconut Water functions as a humectant to help your skin attract and retain water. Better still, this skin super ingredient encourages rehydration, helping your skin to feel more refreshed than a seaside holiday!









Oats are goodness personified and a skin care sensation! With its fantastic moisturising ability, oat extract helps to condition the skin to make it softer and suppler, but also provides added soothing benefits. 









Goji Berries are nutritionally loaded and boast powerful antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids. These super berries are not only a delicious treat, but, when used in skin care, they can help protect, nourish and moisturise you skin.







Tea Tree organic essential oil is a master when it comes to purifying your skin. This popular botanical is loved for its antimicrobial properties that help address blemishes, and its ability to reduce moisture loss and boost skin hydration.






 Organic Limes are a super fruit rich in powerful antioxidants like vitamin C and citric acid. When used as an ingredient in skin care, they help to tone skin and leave it wonderfully mattified.









Almonds are rich in vitamin-E, which nourishes and softens the skin. Applying almond oil or milk can help to protect the skin from sun exposure damages.







Apples are rich in fibre, nutrition, antioxidants and natural acids which can help oily, dull, acneic and ageing skin. Apple is a natural astringent, it tightens large pores and can make them appear smaller.  






Avocado is rich in fatty amino acids which are good for your hair and keep it moisturised. The natural oils and vitamins it contain A, B6, D and E nourish scalp, promote healthy hair growth.







Bananas are rich in potassium and moisture, it helps keep skin hydrated and moisturised. If you have dry skin, look for the products that contain banana’s ingredient in it. Banana contains B-vitamins, vitamin A, C, E which protect skin from UV damage and slows down the process of ageing.






Lavender is known for its aroma-therapeutic properties which is why often used in oils and body products. Lavender helps to relax and decrease tension during the day, as well as fall asleep. Use lavender products before bed time to get your beauty sleep.






 Mango has multiple benefits and famous for its ability to fight acne, premature ageing, dark spots, and dullness. The antioxidant properties in mango extract help keep skin hydrated and improve skin tone.






 Olive oil contains anti-aging antioxidants and hydrating squalene which make it super beneficial for hair, skin, and nails.  Olive oil is rich of vitamins E and A which help to reduce dryness and dehydrated skin.







Pineapple contains a powerful enzyme called bromelain which helps to break down dead skin cells. Additionally, the ascorbic acid helps to reduce the look of dark marks and even out skin tone.







Due to rich anti – inflammatory properties, sesame seeds help heal skin redness and other facial issues by getting rid of pathogens and skin infections. In addition, sesame oil is filled with ingredients that can provide nice and silky texture for your skin.







Rosehip oil is obtained from the fruit of the wild rose bush. It contains antioxidant compounds which help to protect colored hair from UV light damages Rosehip is also highly moisturising, thus replenishes the softness and radiance of colored hair.






Watermelon seeds help to boost hair health and support beautiful skin. The seeds contain citrulline that increase level of arginine (amino acid) in our bodies which help with blood circulation in scalp and promote hair growth.